Design services for the rail industry

Since Andromeda expanded its services to include electrification design at the beginning of 2014 our design team has grown significantly and have played a part in delivering design solutions for Great Western Electrification in Wales and North West Electrification. Andromeda has also played a key part in the development of the UK Master Series overhead line design range.

We have grown our capability and have a team of electrification design and CAD engineers capable of completing small, complex bespoke designs as well as major design packages.

Andromeda have the skills for work such as:

FEASIBILITY DEVELOPMENT – Andromeda can co-ordinate and develop multidisciplinary feasibility assessments and associated engineering deliverables. Close collaboration with client and project teams ensures fully aligned solutions. As part of our work we have supported Network Rail in the update of feasibility studies to provide a more accurate assessment of cost, while significantly reducing future risks on the project during the implementation stages.

APPROVAL IN PRINCIPLE OF SINGLE OPTION SELECTION – co-ordination of work streams covering key electrification and plant disciplines for overhead line equipment, AC and DC traction power supply distribution, SCADA, protection and control, system design and fixed plant. Subsequent evaluation and development is supported by site surveys, desktop studies and whole life cost assessments to assist the client’s decisions, along with engineering reports to support the single option selection.

Andromeda have been at the forefront in identifying cost effective solutions for dealing with electrical clearances through bridges and tunnels. This has led to innovative solutions that provide technical compliance, while avoiding costly intervention work to the track or bridge.

SINGLE OPTION DEVELOPMENT – co-ordination of work streams covering key electrification and plant disciplines to provide design deliverables and ultimately enable project implementation stages to proceed. Production of single or multidisciplinary technical work scopes in accordance with the client’s strategic requirements.

DETAILED DESIGN DEVELOPMENT – managing the development of deliverables for key electrification and plant disciplines including overhead line equipment, AC and DC traction substation design, SCADA, protection and control, high voltage cable route design and fixed plant design.

Our design team have completed a range of solutions such as providing detailed designs for overhead line where a two-track railway is converted into a four-track railway in complex junction areas and developing bespoke detailed designs for a range of bridges and tunnels. Andromeda have the capability to complete electrification design from minor renewals to major new projects.